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Can you divide large numbers in your head? Find the square root of a multi-digit number in seconds? Figure out the day of the week of any particular date in the last 100 years without using a pen and paper?
If you can't, the Brainetics system can show you how.

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Brainetics is the brain-child of Mike Byster, a “human calculator” who quit his day job as a mercantile trader to teach his “Mike's Math” system to kids in Chicago-area schools. After his volunteer work and his skills as a “math magician” were featured on ABC's 20/20 news program in 2006, Byster developed a series of DVDs – complete with workbooks and flash cards to support the material – so his system could reach kids far and wide. The resulting program is called Brainetics, and it not only teaches the techniques Byster taught in Chicago schools, but allows users to learn at their own pace, in their own homes. All you need is a DVD player, some basic math skills, and time.
The “tricks” featured in Brainetics are not new, but they're presented in a way that should excite kids who might otherwise find math boring. From the very beginning, Byster presents techniques that students can immediately put to use. Branded by naysayers “parlor tricks,” these skills are actually valuable methods that cut mental processing time and allow the students to overcome any fears they might have about numbers and gain confidence in their abilities.

Also known as “quick math” or “science math,” the skills lay a foundation that allows for deeper study – not to mention freeing up time to focus on other subjects! As students progress through the program, they learn to wrangle larger and larger numbers and become comfortable with complex math concepts such as square roots, the Fibonacci (a mathematical formula of numbers) sequence, and more. This sort of agility with higher level mathematics is not just an impressive trick, but gives students the self-assurance they need to succeed in nearly every subject.
Beyond math, the Brainetics system teaches valuable memorization techniques that will aid students in any subject they approach. From learning to rapidly alphabetize letters in a long word to various mnemonic devices, Brainetics teaches you how to focus your brain and recall vital information with ease. Bad with names and faces? Brainetics can help. By learning to recognize patterns and apply them in practical situations, Brainetics removes the anxiety many people feel when faced with the need to memorize and recall large amounts of information.

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Brainetics comes with 5 DVDs (that contain approximately 15 hours of material), an instructional manual for kids, one for parents, a “playbook” (which is a more fun version of the traditional “workbook”), and two sets of flash cards. The first two DVDs teach concentration and pattern recognition techniques that students will build on to learn more advanced material in the later DVDs. Each lesson is about 15 to 20 minutes long and can be repeated as needed to master the material. The $149.99 price tag is cheap when you compare it to the cost of paying for 15 hours of tutoring – and you can can't replay a tutoring session the way you can a Brainetics DVD.
Whether you have a nine-year-old student or a 90-year-old parent, or just want to improve your own math skills, Brainetics provides hours of mental stimulation that will prove useful in a variety of situations, careers, and classrooms. And, most importantly, it's really fun!