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Brainetics was developed by Mike Byster in 2007. Brainetics is an educational tool that aids children in the areas of math and memory development. It spans the educational grades of Kindergarten through 8th grade and algebra. The Brainetic product has received a multitude of positive reviews and achieved the Parents' Choice Gold Award in 2008. This product is often implemented by families that home school their children, but it is becoming more main stream in the traditional academic setting and after school programs as well.

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Brainetics is available for 150 dollars via the infomercial. The materials included in the Brainetics kit consist of a workbook, the educational playing cards, and DVDs. This product comes with a 30 day full money back guarantee if the results desired are not achieved. The Brainetics product promotes that it will help children improve in the areas of math, spelling, and possibly even other scholarly subjects if this math and memory educational system is used. Some people question if this educational system is a scam because some blogger reviews do tend to make this claim. The product currently has no Better Business Bureau complaints or issues with the Consumer Product Safety Division when their websites were searched for Brainetics reviews and complaints.

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Many parents state in various reviews that this system does in fact work, but the main flaw of the system lies in the math arena. This system teaches memorization and tips and tricks for math, but it does not teach how to think through a math problem and derive the answer. The age group that this particular product is targeted for is also at that crucial point in education where they need to also understand how to work to achieve the answers, not just math through memorization. This product is more ideal for older children since they will already have the basis of how to think through math problems and arrive at the answer, the implementation of this program will just provided them with some additional skills.

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The Brainetics program is designed and targeted towards kids prior to entering high school. The program is suitable to any person from age 9 and on, but some may find the DVDs a bit childish. That being said, reviews on the website for Brainetics indicate that over 39% of the users of this program are in fact adults. 

Many parents and teachers have written reviews that Brainetics is a robust product that provides exactly what it claims it does. These reviews indicate that this product teaches math shortcuts for complex mathematical problems as well as enhancing memory. This is done through a variety of games and activities, so it makes learning fun. This program does not teach how to do math long hand. This is still an important skill that children also need to learn. The program is an excellent aid in learning, but it is not the only skills needed for a child to be successful in school and in math. As long as the appropriate expectations are placed on the product, then this is a great product.