Is the Brainetics System a Scam?

Is the Brainetics System a Scam?

The Brainetics System is designed to help children learn math and memory skills that carry forward from elementary level classes to future classes. The skills students learn are useful in education and help improve grades from the time they use the system until they reach college level courses. The problem is that some online sources are calling Brainetics a scam and many parents are concerned about the potential situation.

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What Is the Brainetics System?

The Brainetics System is an educational program that includes DVDs, flashcards and a workbook to help children learn mathematics skills and memory tricks that improve grades and make children learn the foundation they need to succeed in school. It is often suggested for elementary level children due to the material provided. 

While the focus of the system is mathematics, the memory skills taught in Brainetics carry into other classes due to the necessity of remembering facts, figures, dates or other data. The better a child’s memory for facts, the easier class work will ultimately become.

Parental Concerns:

Parents have many concerns relating to the scam claims. The most common scam complaint that parents hear about is that the Brainetics System charges more than one simple payment. 

This concern is based on the options parents are issued rather than a fraudulent scheme. Parents can select one payment or can opt for the 30-day trial that splits the payment and ultimately costs more if parents are satisfied with the product. Instead of a scam, the program is offering the option to try out the product and receive the small original payment back if it does not satisfy a child’s educational needs.

Another common concern for parents is the claim that children do not learn to think outside the box. This is commonly noted in scam claims, but no parents have made complaints of this nature to the Better Business Bureau. The scam claim relating to children’s ability to think for themselves is often inaccurate because the goal of the system is not about teaching children everything.

Thinking outside the box is a matter of teacher education and encouragement. The program is designed to work on memory skills that build the foundation of education, not the advanced elements of education. Since the program does not claim to teach children how to think outside the box, the fraud claims are inaccurate to the program.

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Final Words about Brainetics:

The program is not a scam because it does deliver on the promises. No parents or teachers have issued complaints about the program's methods, though some complaints about shipping or costs have occurred. The claims are not founded because the program does deliver on the promises. Children learn better memory skills that help improve classwork.

Improving a child's ability to get ahead in school is about working with the basics of education. Memory is a key component of learning and children need to know the tricks and skills that make it easier to learn about different topics discussed in classes or textbooks.